College Planning

CEED has been providing a variety of services to students in the metro Atlanta area. CEED assists students with financial aid forms; college application, college campus visits; career shadowing; student and parent workshops. Our target populations are minority and immigrants descents living in Georgia. Georgia is culturally diverse home to over 60,000 residents who either identify themselves as immigrants or descendants of immigrants. read more

Center for Education Excellent and Development (CEED) is on  mission to meet and exceed minorities’ needs and expectations as they relate to health education an related services available to them. We offer classes on diabetes care management, heart diseases, cancer, stroke, and many more. Our intents is  to prevent illnesses by informing and educating individuals and community about health-related topics, such as proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, and the habits and behaviors necessary to avoid illness.  read more

CEED has been providing financial guidance and direction for many in our community over the past years. Our motive is for everyone to be debt free. Whether the  goal is to buy a home, save for a child's education or plan for retirement. CEED has a dedicated and caring group of professionals in place to help you and your community to achieve your life’s goals through proper financial management classes. Read more.......

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