Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitude.
CEED has maintaining and developing excellent relationships with other organizations to address some of the health issues that minority populations in Georgia are facing.  For example, we partnered with the Morehouse  school of Medicine last year in a program called “Healthy Hearts” to address heart disease and strokes in minorities. We have worked closely with the DeKalb County Board of Health to increase health literacy on emergency response for minorities  especially in the immigrant communities. 

We are in the process of working with the American Cancer Society and DeKalb Medical Center to provide a series of educational sessions on cancer and preventive measures on diabetes, obesity, heart disease. asthma, and hypertension as they are prominent in minorities.

Health education

In addition, we have been helping and coordinating health education program, and identifying resources that are made available to the community.  

We teach and encourage our community about healthy behaviors, how to maintain and improve individual, family and community health because health literacy is a major problem in many minority communities especially among immigrants with language barrier, we use a variety of educational / training methods such as audio, visual, print and electronic resource materials to get the health message across.

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